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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)


Three years before the start of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, the Customer went to market to find a specialist integrator to assist with the design, construct and support of a purpose-built Transport Coordination Centre (TCC). The intention of the TCC was to provide a central location for all agencies involved with any aspects of the Commonwealth Games, this included Business partner services such as Police, Ambulance, Fire, Light Rail, Roads, City Council’s, City Safe, Translink and QLD Rail.

RIOT responded, and was awarded the contract which included the delivery of key products and services for the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) network for the South Coast Region to support the then upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games.


The project included a number of phases over a 2-year period that included a network review, architecture and design, security assessments, advisory services and an on-call support services during the Games period.

We also added value to the project by including a managed threat intelligence service in conjunction with honeypots that are deployed within the ITS network pre, during and post the event. The implementation of these devices provide a higher level of security, logging and reporting and assist in avoiding information overload whilst providing a mechanism to automatically alert, report and consolidate the information.


The network, compute, storage, security and other IT infrastructure that supports the ITS environment was transformed into a state of maturity that can not only be relied upon for the increase of traffic (both data and physical), but also includes security-by-design with visibility.  The strategy of engaging a partner such as RIOT Solutions that has cross domain specialists and experience, along with Network and Cyber Security in both IT and OT, prepared the Customer for one of the largest events to be held in Queensland since Expo 88 and more recently the G20.

The new TCC environment supports the following devices and services that played an important role both during and after the Games:

  • IP Connected Field Processors – this device does multiple functions including look detection for counting cars, changing traffic light sequencing (based on traffic volume, time of day etc).
  • Bluetooth scanners – these are deployed along the major motors ways, significant roads and most intersections.  They obtain Bluetooth beacon information (MAC addresses) from smartphones, Bluetooth audio etc. this information is analysed to help identify and report of trip times, congestion notifications on apps and variable signs.
  • CCTV – Integration between Main Roads, City Safe, City Council and Light Rail to provide the central operators full visibility across multiple platforms to help event co-ordination.
  • Remote CCTV – provides remote users access to the CCTV systems from mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and web browsers.

The customer name has been withheld due to confidentiality. More information can be provided by contacting RIOT directly.

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