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Architecture for a Large Enterprise


A large retail based Enterprise was under significant pressure to improve user experience, normalise network operations and support new technology and services demanded by the business whilst keeping commercial flexibility with its many service providers.

A number of key drivers for the project included improving application performance and consistency, increasing visibility of the network, supporting scale for the increase in home based users, the adoption of Cloud based services and to simplify the overall complexity of routing and quality of service policies.

To meet the business objectives, it was seen as paramount that the underlying network architecture, technologies, deployment configuration and operational environment were designed and re-designed appropriately.


RIOT was engaged to provide key technical architecture services to enable the customer to attain the desired outcomes. We initially determined the current network state, detailed business and technical requirements and provided high level recommendations that included engagement with all the necessary stakeholders. With the desired approach approved, we executed a scope of works with a detailed design and all the components required for deployment of the new architecture. This included assisting with and evaluating the platform selection, and carrying out the proof of concept to ensure it would meet the design requirements.


The customer now has a network strategy that allows them to build in a modular way to continually improve the state of the network. With the new platform implemented and designed to a key set of requirements, the overall complexity of the network has been minimised, faults have reduced and the visibility of the network allows Operations to diagnose issues much quicker than before. With a simplified architecture and standardised designs, the organisation is prepared for the rapid deployment of new applications and services in a secure and effective way.

Customer name has been withheld due to confidentiality. More information can be provided by contacting RIOT directly.

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