RIOT Solutions


30 April 2020
Published by Rob Merkwitza

, Managing Director


Earlier this month our own Scott Reid was invited by the Hon Mick de Brenni Minister for Housing and Public Works, Digital Technology and Sport to provide some commentary on the COVIDSafe App and general home based cyber security via Facebook Live. Thank you Minister for the opportunity to be involved. Our view is to get on board and download the App. Taking all things into consideration and perspective it uses a minimal set of personal data that is encrypted and does not track you, rather traces contact in the event you or others are positively diagnosed with the virus.

While the COVIDSafe app’s privacy concerns definitely need to be raised, addressed and closely watched, smartphone owners are already being tracked via mobile networks, websites, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth via their mobile phone and a vast number of apps they voluntarily chose to download and use. Which by the way have sometimes appalling privacy protections that are often non-existent and even specifically designed for harvesting user’s data in a much more comprehensive and intrusive way than the COVIDSafe app’s limited data set.