RIOT Solutions

Insights from Home

22 May 2020
Published by Rob Merkwitza

, Managing Director

Insights from Home

RIOT Solutions hosted its first virtual leadership lunch of the series last Wednesday and were excited to have 17 large companies participate in the online forum. This highly engaging session, led by our own Scott Reid, allowed leaders to share their insights into how the current climate is affecting business right now, and how it is adapting their future thinking on tech strategy.

Some key discussion insights:

– With everyone having moved to home networks, there has been an increased risk of phishing attacks.

– Businesses require more ICT support for remote working and security technology.

– Working from home may be the ‘new norm’ and we should start planning for that now.

– Agencies from the same overarching organisations are working together now more than ever.

– Where possible, organisations may look to insource previously outsourced services to reduce extended risks that come with future large scale crises.

To keep the brain cells nourished, and to help support local restaurants, RIOT provided an Uber Eats voucher to each participant. Please make yourself known to the RIOT team If you would like to be part of the next forum.