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Managed Asset Visibility in the Critical Infrastructure industry

7 June 2022
Published by Rob Merkwitza

, Managing Director

4 key benefits of Managed Asset Visibility in the critical infrastructure industry

You can’t manage what you can’t see. This is the foundation of a core issue across the critical infrastructure industry. Explosive growth for organisations around the globe has led to hundreds of new devices being connected to networks that drive critical infrastructure, often with little to no visibility or control mechanisms in place for the teams responsible for ensuring their operation or security.

Devices connected to critical infrastructure networks perform important functions, from censoring to safety and security, so ensuring they continue to operate effectively and securely is imperative.

As the threat of cyberattack rises exponentially, it’s more critical than ever that organisations with infrastructure that operates cities, campuses, building automation technologies, water pipelines, energy grids, distribution centres and transportation systems have visibility of their critical assets. They also need a clear understanding of the vulnerabilities that may be inherent and the ability to track anomalies that occur in the environment leading to cyberattack.

Managed asset visibility provides a unified and comprehensive view of all the devices in an environment, including remote sites. This technology allows teams to identify where assets are, when they connect to the network, if they are missing critical security controls or updates, which applications they are using and any vulnerabilities.  

Here are 4 key benefits of managed asset visibility in the critical infrastructure industry that will ensure efficient and secure operation of these important systems.


Get visibility of operational environment assets

If you can’t see a threat, you can’t eliminate your risk. But with visibility of your operational environment assets, you can gain insights into operations and security and manage security threats as they emerge. 

As part of their managed detection and response service for critical infrastructure, RIOT has recently partnered with Armis to support critical infrastructure environments.

Armis provides a strong cyber security response, giving organisations 100% visibility of managed, unmanaged, IoT, industrial and medical devices, applications, cloud & virtual instances, and much more.


Deeper understanding of infrastructure vulnerability and risk

Once you have visibility across a comprehensive asset database, you can begin to understand your critical infrastructure vulnerabilities and risks.

Real-time behaviours and continuous monitoring with Armis’ comprehensive Device Knowledgebase detects compromised devices to produce highly accurate threat detection and response reporting.

With advanced monitoring software and systems in place, teams can quickly assess when known vulnerabilities are detected for critical infrastructure environments and deploy solutions to mitigate risk.


Alerts across critical assets on the network

With a clear view of all the devices on the network, teams can set-up alerts based on behavioural monitoring across critical assets.

For example, RIOT creates custom policy sets to detect anomalies within your OT environment and link this back to an OT SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) so the system can alarm and validate when there are deviations from normal behaviour.


Automate security policy enforcement

As threats are detected, teams can move quickly to deploy additional security measures. The ability to automate security policy enforcement against the identified risks and asset vulnerabilities improves overall security and saves hours of work.

Managing a smart and connected network presents many challenges. Having visibility of managed assets across a network is important, but when that network is driving critical infrastructure, the need for complete visibility is even more important.

To build a world-class solution you need visibility of the managed assets across the network, as well as the alerts and control to take action immediately. With real-time monitoring, advanced threat detection, alerts and automated security policy enforcement, critical infrastructure can remain safe and secure.


RIOT understands the challenges of building smart and connected networks. We can help you get visibility of the managed assets across your network and protect your critical infrastructure.
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