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RIOT joins ORRO Group

31 May 2022
Published by Rob Merkwitza

, Managing Director

30th May 2022

This morning, we have officially announced that RIOT Solutions has been acquired by its partner Orro Group, one of Australia’s leading platform-enabled, secure network and digital infrastructure providers.

We have made this decision after 6+ years of unprecedented growth and investment, building a Company with a reputation we are proud of in Queensland, servicing Australia. With 70 employees and over 150 customers, we feel that the best way for continued and sustained growth is by joining a trusted and reputable organisation that will help us scale whilst preserving the high level of service and quality you expect from us each day.

This acquisition will provide many opportunities to our staff and customers but most importantly, there will not be any change to the services we provide or the committed team members that help provide these services. All RIOT personnel and infrastructure have been included in the move.

The decision to join Orro comes at a time when Australian businesses are making a generational leap in networking, cybersecurity and cloud, while striving for greater flexibility and resilience.

Joining the Orro Group will provide RIOT the ability to deliver a new generation of secure network and digital infrastructure, tailored to the specific needs of each customer, unlike any player in the market. Just as importantly, having worked closely with Orro in the last few years, we know that they share our values and vision for a safer, smarter Australia.

With operations across fast-growing technology areas, strong partnerships and customers that share our vision, joining with Orro will mean helping our customers achieve even more performance, agility and resilience.

It also provides a level of scale that is vitally important to all of us in this current tight labour market. You will have access to more than 500 employees across Australia, who specialise in a range of technologies – as well as resources such as NOC and SOC facilities, in-country data centres and proprietary technologies. And it’s worth noting that there is a high level of commitment to continue to invest in RIOT’s areas of capability.

Orro is a technology thought leader and will be able to share experiences gleaned from working with more than 400 customers across the region, including many well-known brands such as Australia Post, QBE and Qantas, as well as government agencies, healthcare organisations, utilities. The company was recently named as one of the country’s fastest growing technology companies by the Australian Financial Review, and its commitment to equality, environmental protection and social contribution have been similarly well recgonised.

Next steps

Our customer and business partners will not experience any major changes to their business, or any disruption, following our decision to join Orro.

Orro’s vision is a future where people everywhere are better connected to each other, improving business performance and quality of life. To find out more about Orro please visit:

We at RIOT look forward to working with all of our customers and staff towards that vision..

Rob Merkwitza – MD & CEO | RIOT SOLUTIONS


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